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The Kobe Flirt Pole Delivers Thrills and Excitement!

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The Kobe Flirt Pole Delivers Thrills and Excitement!
The Kobe Flirt Pole Delivers Thrills and Excitement!

The Perfect Blend of Physical Exercise and Mental Stimulation

The Kobe Flirt Pole gives your dog both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Through leaps, chases, and pounces it offers a full-body workout, keeping them fit by burning off excess energy. Providing a mental challenge, our Flirt Poles keeps your dog's mind sharp and engaged leaving them content and fulfilled.

Strengthen the Bond with Your Dog

The Kobe Flirt Pole is a tool for strengthening the unbreakable bond with your dog. Through interactive play, you forge moments of connection and trust. Your dog will view you as their top playmate fostering a deeper companionship between the both of you.

A Fun Way To Tire Out Your Dog

The Kobe Flirt Pole is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Its design ensures safe and engaging fun anywhere. With a long handle for safe distance, it is the perfect solution for your dog's happiness and health.


"My dog's new favorite toy! We got the The Kobe Flirt Pole and it's been a game-changer. It's durable, fun, and keeps her active for hours. Highly recommend!"

The compact size of The Kobe Flirt Pole ensures they are easy to carry and store when not in use, providing convenience for your dog's exercise needs.

The Kobe Flirt Pole features a lightweight aluminum rod complemented by a no-slip handle for secure grip. Effortlessly connect the lure or your dog's favorite toy for endless interactive playtime.

Opening and closing The Kobe Flirt Pole is incredibly easy: just twist each section to secure the line, and align the grooves before pushing down to close it smoothly.

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Why Dog Owners Prefer The Kobe Flirt Pole

Discover why The Kobe Flirt Pole stands out from the competition and why it should be your top choice for interactive playtime with your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flirt Poles are not designed to be a tug toy. It is a chase toy. Your dog will naturally want to tug at the lure. Aggressive tugging can damage your flirt pole.

Using a flirt pole your dog will naturally want to run, chase, jump and change direction quickly.  It is a possibility it can aggravate an injury.  If you are unsure ask your veterinarian if a flirt pole is right for your dog.

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