"Say Goodbye to Lost Dog Worries... Protecting Your Dog Has Never Been Easier!"

This revolutionary solution combined with the power of Apple's AirTag technology keeps your dog safe and sound.

April 29, 2024  

As dog owners we understand the heart-wrenching feeling of losing sight of our beloved four-legged companions.

The anxiety, the frantic searches, and the sleepless nights can take a toll on our overall health. 

But worry no more! Introducing The Buddy Air Tag Dog Collar – this revolutionary solution that combines the power of Apple's Air Tag's technology to keep your dog safe and sound no matter where they roam.

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"The Hidden Anxieties of Dog Owners"

Picture this: You're a loving dog owner, always striving to provide the best care for your dog.

But there's that one thing that  constantly weighs on your mind – the fear of loosing your dog.

Whether it's during a walk in the park or a moment of distraction the thought of your dog wandering off fills you with anxiety.

  • The Fear of Losing Your Dog: Every dog owner understands the heart-wrenching feeling of their dog going missing. It's a nagging worry that takes away the joy of spending time with your dog.
  • Time-Consuming Searches: The frantic search begins when your dog goes missing.  You spend hours combing the neighborhood, putting up posters, and making endless phone calls – all while hoping for a miracle.
  • Limited Visibility and Tracking: Traditional collars and tags offer you minimal assistance when it comes to locating your dog in real-time. It's a frustrating experience  not knowing where your dog isand whether they are safe.
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Barb T.

"At the Humane Society, we see the impact of lost dogs firsthand. Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters each year, and it breaks our hearts to know that approximately 390,000 of them are euthanized.

ANimal COntrol Officer

"The Devastating Impact of a Missing Dog"

When a dog goes missing the consequences can be truly devastating for both the owner and their dog.

The relentless worry and anguish that follows can take a toll on the owner's emotional well-being.

Sleepless nights, constant stress, and a constant sense of guilt consume their thoughts.

The search efforts become time-consuming and often a fruitless endeavor with no guarantee of a happy reunion.

Not only does the owner suffer, but the dog may also face various dangers such as getting injured, encountering hostile animals, or being exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The consequences of this problem go far beyond the immediate stress leaving a lasting impact on the lives of both the owner and their beloved dog.

"Introducing The
Buddy Air Tag  Collar :
 Your Solution to Prevent Lost Dog Nightmares."

The Buddy Air Tag Collar is here to provide you with a comprehensive solution that addresses the negative consequences of this all-too-common problem.

With the Apple Air Tag  (not included)  state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, you can stay connected to your dog at all times receiving real-time location updates right to your smartphone.

So say goodbye to those sleepless nights and the overwhelming stress of searching endlessly for your missing dog.

Our collar offers you a sense of security knowing that you have the power to swiftly locate and bring your dog back home safe and sound.


"Discover the Powerful Benefits of The Buddy Air Tag Dog Collar!"

The Buddy Air Tag Dog Collar offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond expectations.

  • Stay Connected: Never lose sight of your dog with our specially designed pocket that securely holds your Apple Air Tag.
  • Boundless Tracking: Our collar integrates with Apple's community tracking "FIND MY" app.
  • Durability: Our collar is waterproof to withstand whatever gets thrown its way.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Treat your dog to comfort with our collar's soft and padded interior.
  • Peace of Mind: With our collar, you're not just giving your dog a stylish accessory – you're providing a promise of safety and peace of mind.

"Tailored for Comfort
  Tailored for Security
Tailored to Perfection"

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"Effortlessly User-Friendly for all Dog Owners"

Step 1

Insert the Air Tag into the double button pouch


Step 1

Press the Buttons to secure the Air Tag.


Step 1

Secure The Buddy AIr Tag Collar on your Dog.

'Why Dog Owners Prefer The Buddy Air Tag Collar"

"Happy Tails and Happy Customers: The Buddy Air Tag Collar Impresses All!"


So helpful! ThankYou!

Looks exactly as advertised. Very good quality, and helps me In case my little ding dong runs off!

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We Love this Collar

I'm really glad I bought these! I've had air tags for my escape artists for about a year.

airtag doberman.jpg__PID:c142e4b9-03df-40d2-b5ff-0edbbc543909

Took a chance and I don’t regret it.

Very classy AirTag collar! Looks great.

airtag countertop.jpg__PID:3decf680-c142-44b9-83df-40d275ff0edb

Really a beautiful collar!

I really love the look at this callar it's really beautiful and the AirTag fits very securely inside.

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Written by James Bates

A devoted dog owner and passionate advocate for the well-being of our canine companions.

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